Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy?

Detoxify your body, reduce inflammation, and promote circulation with ozone therapy. Ozone is a form of oxygen. Specifically, it is a three-molecule type of colorless gas that offers a number of health benefits, from pain relief to skin rejuvenation.

A minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, ozone therapy utilizes oxygen to protect and improve the appearance of your skin with no surgery or downtime. Ozone therapy can also be done intravenously (IV). Your Evolve Medical provider will determine what is right for you.  


What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of ozone therapy are endless. By delivering oxygen into the skin, the cells turn over quicker, promoting cell regeneration. This eliminates acne, scars, and other skin concerns, along with removing impurities from the body for healthier skin.

Along with skin rejuvenation, this therapy helps reduce the pain, inflammation, and slow healing that often accompanies common health concerns, including:

Collagen production is also a product of oxygenating the cells–creating tight and buoyant skin. 

This helps hydrate the skin and re-infuse life into dry and dull areas. 

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What is Treatment Like?

Treatment is quick and easy. You will relax in Evolve Medical’s oxygen chamber while the treatment boosts cell regeneration and hydration. 

Immediately following your treatment, you can return to all normal activities while your skin begins to glow from within.

Experience Ozone Therapy in Deer Park, NY

Show your skin new life at Evolve Medical. Our ozone therapy chamber helps rejuvenate skin for a more youthful appearance. For scheduling and appointments, call (631) 253-1313 or fill out the request appointment form below.

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