Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift

What is a Buttock Lift? 

With age and weight changes, the size and shape of the buttocks can change. 

Exercise is an effective way to add firmness to the glutes, but sometimes, it does little to change the appearance of your buttocks. For effective results, try a buttock lift treatment.

Here at Evolve Medical, we offer Sculptra® and RADIESSE®, which are dermal fillers that not only fill in the shape of the buttock, but also stimulate collagen production over time. These recent advancements provide us with a non-surgical approach to a traditional Brazilian Booty Lift. 


Sculptra® and RADIESSE® Injections

Sculptra® and RADIESSE® are both FDA-approved dermal fillers. They are both collagen bio- stimulators, meaning they work by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen. This allows them to plump and sculpt areas like the buttocks without surgery while rejuvenating the skin’s appearance.

Sculptra® and RADIESSE® are both dermal fillers, but the main difference is that Sculptra® is made of poly-L-lactic acid while RADIESSE® is made up of a hydroxyapatite gel filled with phosphate and calcium ions. 

Sculptra® will begin to show results in 3-6 months whereas RADIESSE® will plump the buttocks immediately after treatment. Because of this, Sculptra® typically lasts longer than RADIESSE®. Everyone is different, so the time frame is approximate.

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What to expect during treatment

During your consultation, your Evolve Medical provider will discuss your filler options and choose which one is a better fit for you. These injections are administered quickly and require no downtime. Multiple treatment sessions may be necessary to ensure long-lasting results.

Buttock Lift in Deer Park, NY

Give your buttocks the lift the gym can’t. Quick and easy, just one treatment will bring back a full, firm behind. For scheduling and appointments, call (631) 253-1313 or fill out the request appointment form below.

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